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Song / Nathan Jones

Bananarama / Nathan Jones

"Nathan Jones" was covered by British girl group Bananarama. There are three distinct versions of Bananarama's rendition of the song.

1. Bass Tone Version. They first recorded it on their 1987 album Wow! with their original line-up. This version was also featured on the Rain Man soundtrack. Some of the vocals were sampled on their "I Heard a Rumour" B-side song "Clean Cut Boy". 

2. Psycho Mix. After Siobhan Fahey was replaced by Jacquie O'Sullivan, Bananarama re-recorded the song (with completely new vocal and instrumental arrangements). This new version was initially included on vinyl and cassette issues of their Greatest Hits Collection. It was then remixed and released as a single, peaking at number fifteen on the UK singles chart. This version is considered the 'official' version of the song, and is the version used for the group's BRIT-award-nominated music video.

3. Dave Ford Mix. A third version of the single, while similar to the Psycho Mix, opens with a staccato synthesizer instead of the single-note of the Psycho Mix, and includes more prominent synthesizer throughout. It uses the vocals from the Psycho Mix, although brought more to the front of the instrumentation. This mix appears on the Canadian version of the Greatest Hits album.

The music video, directed by Andy Morahan, featured the girls performing the song with vogue-style choreography with four male dancers dressed in British-style suits, hats, and umbrellas. Their performance is interspersed with shots of them strutting down a fashion catwalk in three different outfits, reflecting the three different seasons mentioned in the song (winter, spring, fall/autumn), and performing the main choreography in yet a fourth change of wardrobe. Sara and Keren are seen sharing the same black-with-copper-coloured-leaves jacket throughout.[5]

Individual shots of the girls are accompanied by floating images of fruits and art objects, such as vases and statues.

The video was nominated for best music video at the BRIT Awards, but lost to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal".

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