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Song / Hey There Lonely Girl

Big Fun / Hey There Lonely Girl

"Hey There Lonely Girl" is a song recorded in 1963, titled "Hey There Lonely Boy" in its original version by Ruby and the Romantics. The group's original recording was a Top 30 hit in the US, peaking at #27.

In 1969, R&B singer Eddie Holman recorded and released his own version of the song, changing boy to girl. It charted in the United Kingdom in 1974, where it reached #4, spending over 3 months on the chart. Holman's recording of "Hey There Lonely Girl" is most recognisable by its disconsolate, sentimental and heavyhearted lyrics, with his falsetto voice.

In 1990 Big Fun recorded a version for their debut album, A Pocketful Of Dreams. Produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, it was given a single release in August of that year where it peaked at #62.

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