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Song / Nothing Can Divide Us

Jason Donovan / Nothing Can Divide Us

"Nothing Can Divide Us" is the debut single from Australian recording artist Jason Donovan taken from his debut album Ten Good Reasons (1989). The song was written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman.


In late Ju;y 1988, Rick Astley got as far as laying down some vocals on Nothing Can Divide Us, a stridently synthy new SAW number, before rejecting it. On August 1st, Jason stepped in, making it his own. By the end of the month the single was in the shops, soon climbing to #5 in the UK, going silver, as well as #3 in Australia and #1 in Hong Kong. Jason Donovan, pop star, had arrived. 

The song spent 12 weeks on the chart, four of them in the top 10.


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