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AMBO - All Media Broadcasting Online - is a video platform and online database showcasing decades worth of music videos and content - representing billions of plays (broadcasts) online via streaming.


Each music video has an AMBO Count which is a figure aimed at calculating the total usage of that particular song or recording across ALL online platforms.


AMBO is ever growing. Keep coming back for more music videos and brand new content exclusive to AMBO.

The world has changed. The way the public consumes media maybe the biggest change.

Prior to high-speed broadband, internet-based music and video consumption was a growing industry but no where near as far reaching as traditional broadcast mediums such as radio and television.

These days it is no surprise that over 90% of music alone, is consumed via the internet largely through sites such as YouTube and Spotify. 

What is AMBO?

Without traditional methods of calculating the number of broadcasts of an artist's work via radio and TV monitoring - tracking consumption of media, music in particular, has become almost impossible. For example; despite Youtube view counts indicating the popularity of a particular song/video - they only reflect that one particular upload of the work(s). With most copyright holders deciding to monetise rather than block illegitimate versions of said work(s), monitoring the use (broadcast) of said work(s) across the online landscape is a seemingly futile exercise.


AMBO looks to help rectify this issue using algorithms based on the most popular online streaming and download platforms. By taking historic averages on monthly increases in views/streams/downloads on songs and videos in our growing catalogue, we can present reliable and frankly mind-blowing statistics on global music consumption.



MEDIA = All versions of a particular song in audio, video, live or cover version.

BROADCASTING = A view, a stream or a download.

ONLINE = Across all digital platforms online (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc.)

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