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Suzette Charles Interview 

Spotlight on Suzette Charles
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Suzette Charles Interview 

Exclusive interview with singer, actor and former Miss America - Suzette Charles. In 2015 Suzette Charles visited songwriter & music producer Mike Stock.


It was the first time they had seen each other in 22 years since they recorded six songs together in 1993. Just one of Suzette's songs ever saw the light of day - 'Free to Love Again' which charted in the UK singles chart in August 1993 and hit the top 10 in various US Dance charts.


Despite plans for a follow up single and album, after the break-up of the Stock / Waterman relationship, Suzette Charles was one of several artists who unfortunately never saw her work completed.


22 years later Suzette felt compelled to revisit the work she had kept only in her memory.


Thanks to Suzette Charles, Mike Stock & Modal Production Group

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