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Song / Good Times With Bad Boys

Boy Krazy / Good Times With Bad Boys

"Good Times with Bad Boys" is a single by American female pop group Boy Krazy, written and produced by British team Stock Aitken & Waterman. Lead vocals were performed by group members Kimberly Blake and Johnna Cummings.

The song was originally released in February 1992, as the B-side of the group's second single "All You Have to Do". It was later included on their self-titled album, and released as a single in May 1993, as the follow-up to their breakthrough US hit "That's What Love Can Do". The song was not a hit, peaking only at #59 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The single was never released in the UK, but it was issued in some countries of continental Europe and Asia (most notably the Netherlands).

It would become the last release for the group. Johnna Cummings left the band shortly after the release of the single, with the remaining three members disbanding not long after.

In August 2009, the single was released through iTunes on two digital EPs, including never released remixes of the song and other album tracks.


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